‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Lexi Contemplates Moving & Jade Gets A Makeover

They’re back! Season 2 of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ kicked off on Oct. 15 with an episode full of drama. Get all the details in our recap, here!

The stories of Ashley, Brianna, Jade, Kayla and Lexi are continuing, as Season 2 of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant kicked off on MTV on Oct. 15. Last season, we saw the girls deal with pregnancies and the birth of their babies, but this season we’ll be seeing them face new challenges as they enter the world of motherhood at such a young age. And this week’s episode was a clear example of the obstacles they face on a daily basis. For example, Ashley dealt with the aftermath of the disastrous birthday party she threw for Barr. As you may recall, he and her sister, Chris, nearly got into a scuffle after he found out that Chris threw a chair at his mom for showing up uninvited. After a brief cool-down period, Ashley asked them to get together and work out their issues because she’d like to have both of them in her lives. Fortunately for her, and all involved, Chris and Barr seemed to squash their beef and said it all stemmed from a bunch of built up animosity. So for now, it seems like everything’s okay. But who knows how long that will last!

Meanwhile, Brianna prepped for her big move to Oregon. She’s still hoping her new boyfriend, Robert, will tag along, but he expressed his reservations, saying he’s starting to have second thoughts about it all. She, on the other hand, told him that her grandmother is thrilled to be meeting him, so maybe he’ll end up going after all. And once there, Brianna said she plans on getting some help for Braeson since at 8-months-old, he’s still not crawling or getting in the stance on his own. Mind you, he was born without his left arm, so it’s not completely abnormal for him to not be up to speed with the rest of the kids his age. But because of this, he’ll also need some physical therapy.

As for Jade, she and Sean got back together after the reunion, but unsurprisingly split up again before Season 2 started filming. She caught him on a few dating sites, so she put an end to their relationship. And she seemed to feel really happy about her choice, as she was seen telling her friend that she was excited to get a makeover and start this new chapter in her life. But just because she and Sean split up doesn’t mean she can ignore him. In fact, she needed him to babysit Chloe when she went to a salon to get her hair dyed purple. Yes, purple. Anyway, when she got home, they started arguing over why he threw clothes on her bed. He got pretty annoyed and stormed out after calling her a “psycho.” Clearly, they don’t belong together — let’s just hope they stay that way.

Kayla also dealt with her own relationship drama this week. She and Stephan seem to be co-parenting pretty well together at the moment, but she didn’t like the way he and her mom left things off. Despite his apology at the reunion, Stephan and Kayla’s mom never truly made up. So Kayla asked him to try again, and he maturely apologized to her mom for a second time. Her mom accepted his apology, so we’ll have to see how things play out from here.

Finally, Lexi bickered with Kyler over moving to Arizona. He’s pretty set on moving there, but Lexi is hesitant. And when she told him that they’d have to take on a lot more bills if they moved, he didn’t seem to care. He even told her that she’s not going to get her way this time and they’re moving ASAP. Oh, and he also said she needs to stop “sucking” her mom’s nipple. Wow. Can she dump this guy already?

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