Teresa Giudice Reveals Insane Amount of Money She Spends on Her Beauty Routine

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star breaks down the cost of her annual beauty expenses — and the amount WILL shock you.

In the words of Erika Jayne, it’s "XXPEN$IVE" to be a Real Housewife.

Just ask OG star of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"Teresa Giudice — who just broke down the annual cost of her beauty routine and must-have products for Glamour magazine.

From regular Botox to blowouts to skincare treatments, the 46-year-old mother of four revealed she racks up a whopping $22,077 every year to keep herself looking fabulous.

The reality star said over half of that is spent on an "intensive hair routine," which makes sense given she relies solely on professionals to maintain her mane. Teresa also buys all her makeup in doubles — one for home, one for travel — and has an obsession with eyelash extensions, which we all know is not cheap.

Although Teresa takes her skincare routine very seriously, she admits to using tanning beds, saying, "I know it’s not good, but I hate the winter. And when I competed in a fitness competition, which you’ll see on the show this season, my body needed to be tan. I also hate the smell of the spray tan, and when you get them, it feels so cold!"

From most expensive to least expensive, here’s how Teresa prioritizes her beauty:

Intensive Hair Routine: Approximately $12,124

In addition to using Global Keratin shampoo and conditioner ($40 for both), Teresa also gets Keratin treatments every three months ($450 per treatment).

"I can at least do my own makeup now, but I can’t do my own hair," she says. "I wish I could — it’s so hard! So it’s always professionally styled."

Teresa says her hairstylist does a glaze and/or a single process ($500) every two months, and does her roots every four months ($1,200).

The reality star also revealed she washes her hair once a week unless she has an event, in which case she’ll "run to the salon." If she does, that usually runs her $75, and if her hairstylist can come to her, that’s around $125.

In-Office Skin Treatments: Approximately $4,800

Teresa’s a big fan of the Hydrafacial ($199), which involves an aesthetician using a vacuum pen to clean your pores.

"They’re amazing," she says. "I just got one about a month ago, and I’m going next week … I try to do it once a month at least, and I make sure to take care of my skin in between."

The Jersey mom also fessed up to getting regular Botox injections (about $600 every three to five months), saying "I don’t usually like to talk about it, but why not? It came out for a reason, so why not use it, right? I love the way I look so much better now compared to when I first started doing the show. I feel great."

Eye Makeup and Lashes: Approximately $2,066

The bulk of the money Teresa spends on eye-care is spent on lash extensions.

"It’s a fairly new thing for me, but now that I’ve been getting them regularly — about every two weeks ($155, then $65 for refills) –I have to say, I love it," she says. "I don’t need to wear as much makeup with them.

Teresa also spends a pretty penny on eyeshadow palettes, mascaras and eyeliners from various designer brands.

Body Care Treatments: $1,101

"I get a lot of spray tans, but right now, I’m not feeling that great, so sometimes I go tanning ($89 per month)," Teresa says. "I know it’s not good, but I hate the winter. And when I competed in a fitness competition, which you’ll see on the show this season, my body needed to be tan. I also hate the smell of the spray tan, and when you get them, it feels so cold! But I do get them. I just like the way I look when I’m tan."

The reality star also says she got laser hair removal done underneath her arms on her legs but still has to shave them occasionally. She then expresses interest in getting a Brazilian wax down there.

"I really want to go get my butt area waxed. What is that called? A Brazilian," she says. "I did it once years ago when I was pregnant with Gia. Oh my God, it was so painful. I don’t know what I was thinking. There was so much pain. But I haven’t done it in a long time, so I want to try it again."

Go-To Face Makeup: Approximately $1,090

"Everyone who comes over is like, ‘You think you have enough makeup?!’ You know what I do? I always buy two of everything, so if I’m traveling, I have an extra set," Teresa explains. "I keep one at home and one in my bag if I’m going out. And when I’m filming, I just put on whatever’s in front of me. I don’t have any set products I have to wear."

Teresa’s favorite brands for foundation, concealer, highlighters and primers include MAC, Estée Lauder, Tarte and Fenty, but MAC is always her go-to label.

Lipstick Obsession: $332

Teresa’s a lipstick and lip liner lover, enjoying such brands as Tom Ford, Stila and MAC, but there’s one item she just can’t get enough of — and she finds it at CVS.

"I love Nyx Mauve ($4)," she says. "And believe it or not, I love this lip liner from Milani called Spice ($5) — it’s my favorite. Every time I go to CVS, I buy every one that they have on the shelf."

Shower and Perfume Musts: $332

Teresa says she loves to exfoliate in the shower and uses St. Ives ($7). She then washed her body with Mugler Angel body wash ($50) and puts on Sol De Janerio’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45) when she gets out of the shower, followed by Mugler’s Angel body lotion ($55).

"You know how every perfume smells different on everyone? It goes good with my skin," she says of Mugler’s Angel products. "I used to use the perfume too but the whole world is starting to use it now, so I’m trying to switch it up. I have a lot of perfumes. I just bought Tom Ford Black Orchid ($125), and I wear Thierry Mugler Womanity ($50) all the time."

Daily Skincare Routine: $232

Teresa says she’s "religious" about making sure she moisturizes her face and wears eye cream.

"I think it’s important to switch them up and not always use the same thing because I feel like my skin gets used to it," she explains. "Right now, I’m using Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream ($100). I’ve been using Shiseido’s Wrinkle Resist eye cream ($60) and Tarte’s Maracuja Eye Treatment ($38) for my eyes."

Teresa is also a big advocate of taking off her makeup every single night before she goes to sleep. Some of her favorite products are actually affordable! She loves Aveeno daily exfoliating cleansing pads ($8) and Neutrogena makeup wipes ($9).

"To tell you the truth, drugstore stuff is good, too," she says. "When I’m down the shore, I go to the drugstore to buy moisturizer and eye cream. It doesn’t always have to be luxury. Or when I’m traveling and forget my moisturizer, sometimes I’ll pop into CVS and get Neutrogena’s Radiant Moisturizer ($17) too. But usually, I buy my skincare — like my Charlotte Tilbury — from a department store."

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