‘The Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Sends Multiple Girls Packing In Shocking Episode!

The ladies were dropping like flies on this week’s episode of The Bachelor!

It seemed almost impossible to top last week’s level of drama but trust us, Monday night’s episode delivered, as our leading man Colton Underwood had to make some of his toughest and shocking choices yet.

The cast also packed their bags for Vietnam, but not before the bachelor took care of business first!

The episode picked up right where it left off on the beach, as a frustrated Colton decided he’s had enough of the petty drama. Fast forward to the rose ceremony and just as we predicted, Onyeka and Nicole were sent home.

Sorry ladies! Bickering with each other in front of the lead is never a good look. See ya in Bachelor in Paradise, maybe?

After that swift exit, the group gets on the move! The ladies and Colton head to Vietnam for more shirtless showering, boat rides, make out sessions, and yes, more drama.

Hannah G scores big by getting her first one-on-one date. After spending the day making out on almost any surface possible, these two finally get serious at dinner for a conversation about their similar upbringing. They bond over the fact they both have divorced parents, and Colton hands out his first rose of the night. Our leading man is finally falling in love, y’all!

Meanwhile, frontrunners like Cassie and Caelynn are back at the house stirring the pot, questioning if there’s anything more to Hannah’s picture-perfect exterior. She did also get the First Impression rose, so we detect just a bit of shade and jealousy here ladies…

The next group date card arrives like a bombshell for Sydney and Demi, who were PISSED that they haven’t had one-on-one dates yet. Both ladies were barely able to focus on the themed group date while knowing that dark horse Kirpa (seriously, how is she still a contender?!) scored the only other solo date with Colton this week.

The whole process seemed like too much to handle for Sydney, and she reached her boiling point. After a tough convo with Colton, these two realized they just can’t “get there” and Sydney ultimately decided to send herself home.

ANOTHER girl breaks up with Colton before he can break up with them, yikes!

Demi tries to take a bolder approach to the situation and ends up digging her own grave. We were swiftly reminded of Colton’s morals when he shuts down Demi’s attempt at crashing his place to take his virginity. Even confessing that she’s falling in love couldn’t save our favorite villain from an all too early exit from the show.

We get a brief intermission from the shocking goodbyes though to watch Colton and Kirpa solidify their connection. Granted, they did spend most of the time talking about Sydney, but hey! She scores a rose and lives to fight another day.

In the end, Katie and Colton’s connection was the last to fizzle out as she’s sent packing at the final rose ceremony of the night.

And there you have it! Wow, guys. FIVE ladies are gone, just like that!

What did YOU guys think of this week’s episode? Bachelor Nation, did you guys also catch that commercial with Colton’s ex, Tia Booth?

We’re oh so curious about that fence jump next week. And that Cassie exit interview! So. Many. QUESTIONS.

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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