The Cast of Netflix's ‘Grand Army’ Struggled So Hard to Learn These Popular TikTok Dances

There’s nothing I find more entertaining than watching the process of celebrities learning TikTok dances. I’ve seen what I look like in the mirror while I’m trying to teach myself how to do one of those 15-second routines…and it’s not the cutest. The feeling of knowing that famous people do very normal and sort of strange things like us regulars is just oddly amusing and satisfying.

Soo0, on that note, you can probably imagine that Cosmo’s series TikTok Challenge Challenge is just the most pleasant viewing experience. On this, yet another delightful episode, we had the cast of Netflix’s Grand Army join us, where they had to acquire knowledge in some trendy TikTok choreo in just 60 seconds. Aaand then have it mastered after that time. NBD, amirite?

Maliq was also pretty good too, considering his dance was a lil complicated. Odessa struggled a bit with her dance but still got through it! But who was named champ? Watch the rest to find out and stream Grand Army on Netflix now.

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