The President Of Uganda Asked Kim Kardashian What She Does For A Living

Today I learned something about the African country of Uganda: it’s a place where there’s at least one person who doesn’t really know of Kim Kardashian. I honestly thought we’d have to land on Mars before we discovered life that was blissfully unaware of Kim K, but here we are – right on Earth this whole time.

Kanye West and Kim are currently in Uganda, where he’s working on his album Yandhi, and visiting the President (aw, I hope Trump doesn’t get jealous). When Kim met with President Yoweri K Museveni, he proved he’s either clueless or an expert-level troll master by asking her what her job is.

People says Kim, Kanye, and North West all met yesterday with President Museveni (a guy who doesn’t exactly have the best human rights track record, mind you). Kanye gifted the President with a pair of Yeezys signed by both Kanye and Kim, who President Museveni referred to as “American entertainment stars.

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