‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ Cast Reunites To Talk All Things Voting (Exclusive)

The cast of The Secret Life of the American Teenager reunited and we have the exclusive video!

Shailene Woodley (Amy Jeurgens), Francia Raisa (Adrian Lee), Megan Park (Grace Bowman), Ken Baumann (Ben Boykewich), Allen Evangelista (Henry Miller), Camille Winbush (Lauren Tracey), Renee Olstead (Madison Cooperstein) and special guest Molly Ringwald (Anne Jeurgens) all took part, along with host, JJJ‘s own, Jared Eng.

The cast originally said that they would reunite if 300 people made a voting plan, and over 5,000 people made a voting pledge!

During the virtual reunion, they talked about all things voting, and they also dished about behind-the-scenes of the series, where their characters would be in 10 years, and what kinds of topics the show would cover if it were on today.

The cast also shared if they would be down to film a one-off reunion episode. Check out the video now!

“I feel like we’re actual high school friends,” Megan said about having the cast together. “We sort of have had these formative years together, so to me, you guys actually feel like my OG high school friends, which is kind of cool.”

Be sure to vote early if you can and visit HeadCount.org to learn more about voting!

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