The World Just Witnessed Glenn Close Dancing to “Da Butt” at the 2021 Oscars

Glenn Close can get down.

The 74-year-old actress stole the show during an otherwise staid 93rd Annual Academy Awards during a between-awards segment featuring actor Lil Rey Howery and Questlove where Howery quizzed Oscars attendees on a bit of movie music trivia. With a little help from Questlove’s emceeing skills, Howery asked Best Actress nominee Close about whether or not she recognized the 1988 track “Da Butt” by the Washington D.C.-based go-go band E.U. (Experience Unlimited).

“Wait a second! I know this! That’s ‘Da Butt!'” said Close after Howery asked if she recognized the cult favorite dance track. “It was a classic song by the great Washington D.C. go-go band E.U. Shout-out to Sugar Bear and the Backyard Band and the whole D.M.V…Spike Lee had it written for his movie School Daze and my friends at the Oscars missed and it wasn’t nominated and it couldn’t have won which I think is an effing tragedy.”

Close didn’t only show off her stellar memory during the trivia hour, however. When Howery asked if she also knew how to do the signature dance move associated with the track, Close was up to the challenge. Though the veteran actress seemed hesitant at first, she quickly embraced the moment and in all her Armani Prive-clad glory, shook her grown behind for the world to witness.

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