These Tweets About Peter & Hannah’s Windmill Fantasy Suite Are Too Much To Handle

When The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown got candid about her sexual history in a promo for the show, it was the admission heard ’round the internet: "I f*cked in a windmill, and guess what — we did it a second time." Ever since that reveal, fans have been wildly speculating about the circumstances surrounding the picturesque deed, namely, who she did the deed with. As they did on the episode, let’s cut to the chase. It was Peter. Yep, Pilot Pete, who was the one behind the much-anticipated sexcapade, and the tweets about Peter and Hannah’s windmill fantasy suite are honestly too much to handle.

Peter was the first man viewers got to see go on a date with Hannah in Crete, Greece. They reunited after their California hometown date with a warm embrace at the waterside, where they then boarded a sailboat to take in their new surroundings.

Of course, you can’t have a romantic sailing day without the classic Titanic pose on the bow of the boat (complete with the requisite "I’m king of the world!" from Peter).

From there, the date went from sweet to steamy pretty quickly. During a horizontal makeout session on the boat, Peter called Hannah "the most beautiful girl in the world," and asked her if she knew how much he liked her. It was all very romantic, but to the camera, Hannah revealed that there was still another layer to him that she wanted to see — namely, the love layer.

At the evening portion of the date, Pilot Pete finally delivered. After explaining

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