Tiffany Thornton Gives Birth To 3rd Child, Her 1st With Husband Josiah Capaci — It’s A Girl

After the death of her first husband in 2015 and a tragic miscarriage two years later, we are SO happy to report that Tiffany and her hubby Josiah have welcomed a  baby girl to the world!

And baby makes five! Tiffany Thornton, 32, and her husband Josiah Capaci, 25, were already the proud parents of two sons from Tiffany’s first marriage to Chris Carney, but they just welcomed a third — their first child together! Their baby girl Juliet Joy Capaci was born on Nov. 9 at 2:30 pm, according to Tiffany’s Instagram post, and automatically became apart of the sweetest family. For starters, she’s already got awesome big bros. Kenneth James, 6, has already had practice with his little brother Bentley Cash, 4, and we bet Bentley will catch on pretty fast. Tiffany posts pictures and videos of her growing guys all the time, and it’s clear that they love their momma — and each other! Their newborn sis is going to fit right in.

And as if two fun brothers isn’t great enough, this little lady’s parents are also super special. They’ve got an amazing love story! The Sonny With a Chance actress and the worship singer for Arkansas’s Gospel Light Church got engaged in 2017 after only a few months of dating. Tiffany received a lot of backlash for this because the proposal came less than two years after her first husband, who struggled with addiction, was killed in a car accident. But she didn’t apologize for falling in love with Josiah so quickly — and we don’t blame her! The way he stepped up to take care of her sons has been amazing to watch. Just take a look at one of his sweet Instagram captions about the boys.

“I never thought I would be the dad of two children I am not the biological father of,” Josiah wrote. “But God knew, and He created in me a heart that would desire nothing more than to love them with all of me and want them to have a bright future experiencing the love of an earthly father and Heavenly Father.” And now the stepdad doesn’t just have two sons under his care, but a newborn baby girl as well. Too exciting, especially after he and Tiffany had to deal with the heartbreak of a miscarriage in 2017.

Tiffany was so open on social media when it came to describing her pregnancy journey, and we bet she’ll do the same as she tackles motherhood for the third time.

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