Viral Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder Selling Video In NFT Auction

A viral video of a man miming along to Fleetwood Mac‘s 1977 hit “Dreams” while drinking Ocean Spray on a skateboard is being sold as a non-fungible token (NFT).

However, due to rights issues, the song will not be included in the NFT sale of Nathan Apodaca‘s TikTok video. The Rumours track had reentered the charts last fall after appearing in the popular clip.

The auction for the NFT will launch on Friday, with a minimum bid set at $500,000 as part of a partnership with WEBB Blockchain Media/Crypto Cake TV. Apodaca’s manager confirmed that the sale will help fund a new event center in his hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

In related news, Kings of Leon recently made history by becoming the first band to release an album as a NFT, which is a type of cryptocurrency that contains unique assets such as music and art.

When You See Yourself released on March 5 as a NFT on YellowHeart, a streaming platform based on blockchain technology.

(Photo: YouTube)

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