Wait … Did Bella Thorne Just Pull Off her Dream of Becoming a Legit Pop Singer?

For a while it has been hard to know what to make of Bella Thorne’s ambitions as a pop singer. Certainly, through a combination of hard work, hustle and self-promotion, Bella has started to carve out a decent post-Disney career as an actress. Recent film projects such as Midnight Sun, The Babysitter, Ride, Assassination Nation and I Still See You seem like the building blocks of a credible, indie-oriented acting resume.

On the other hand, Bella’s resume of music projects has seemed less focused. Sure, there were the early offerings, and even a couple minor hits like “Watch Me” featuring Zendaya and “TTYLXOX,” from the Disney years.

But Bella’s recent efforts have often seemed more like performance art pieces or vanity projects aimed at stirring controversy and driving clicks than serious singles hoping for airplay. Music that falls into this category includes tracks like “B*TCH I’M BELLA THORNE,” “GOAT,” and “P**sy Mine” — not to mention cringey collaborations like “Outta My Hair” and “Clout9.”

But, below, we have a newly-released musical collaboration that might change a lot of people’s opinions of Bella’s pop potential.  

Super DJ Steve Aoki has just made available all the tracks from his latest album, Neon Future III. One of those tracks, “Do Not Disturb,” is a collaboration that features Bella. It is a mature and polished piece of electro-pop — as one would expect from Steve. But Bella’s voice really does help make the catchy song work. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise us if many found “Do Not Disturb” to be the best track on a pretty strong album.

Now, to be clear, Steve has not officially dropped “Do Not Disturb” yet as a single, and it is not clear if he has plans to. And Bella’s fans may love or hate the strong EDM style of the track. But for general music fans, the song shows the potential that Bella might have as a serious pop artist if she found ways to collaborate more with top-tier producers like Steve.

We certainly hopes she does.

(Image source: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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