Wendy Williams Mocks Future For His Baby Mama Drama: ‘Where Are Your Condoms?’

Wendy Williams is having a field day with Future’s drama between his baby mama number three and his pregnant number five Joie. She’s even scolding the rapper to use condoms.

Leave it to Wendy Williams to break down the baby mama drama going on with Future. He already has four kids by four different women with a fifth baby on the way with on-again off-again girlfriend Joie Chavis. Her recently left her to go back to baby mama number three Brittni Mealy who has his five-year-old son and then changed his mind. He returned to Joie for their gender reveal this past weekend, kissing his latest mother to be and Brittni then called him out on social media. Wendy brought up the whole mess in her Hot Topics segment on Nov. 9’s show and here’s how it went down.

Wendy laid out the five baby mamas then told of how Future’s bouncing back and forth between Brittni and Joie. She also noted how Joie has an older child with Bow Wow and how it seems like there’s a circle of rappers who keep getting the same women pregnant. Wendy brought up how after Future and Joie’s weekend gender reveal party, Brittni wrote in an Instagram story, “People do what they have to do to protect their assets. It’s toooooooo much $$$ at risk.” Wendy called her a “Lie in the woods girl and will take anything for the dollar, a ride or die and really keep quiet.”

The 54-year-old then noted how Future, 34, then posted “oh you thirsty thirst,” to his IG stories which seemed like a clap back at Brittni’s comment. “No you’re thirsty Future, like where are your condoms? Just sayin’!” Wendy added with plenty of sass. Rather than let it go and let the story stay with just her viewers, Future clapped back!!! He posted a pic of himself in concert on his Instagram account a few hours later and captioned it, “Thank God I’m richer than Wendy Williams.” The thing is, he’s not!  She has double the net worth.

“Delete this post. The fact you’re responding shows how hurt you are. You forgot about google huh? These kids fact check real quick,” one fan told him in the comments while another did check on the facts, writing “Wendy Williams is worth 60 million dollars & you are worth 30 million dollars.” Another scolded him, “She got more money than you btw,” and someone else laughed, “She has BIG ratings, Future just BIG mad lol.” One fan pointed out, “I mean she’s still f**king RICH sooooooooooooooooooo, Don’t be mad cause she laid out your babies mamas drama mess… Where was the lie?” while another said perfectly, “I love his pettiness.”

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