What Is 'Borat' Star Sacha Baron Cohen's Net Worth?

Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his excellence in comedy in the Borat films. The “mockumentary”-style movies take U.S. politics head-on, resulting in plenty of laughs (and lots of cringing) from those who watch. And there’s no doubt the actor’s made a ton of money through his success. So, what is Sacha Baron Cohen’s net worth?

What made Sacha Baron Cohen famous?

While fans know Cohen for his acting, he’s first and foremost a comedian well-versed in clowning. He called himself “this comedian who’s dabbled in a bit of acting over the years,” according to The New York Times, and he even went to school, L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier, for clowning.

So, what made Cohen famous? His role in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan in 2006 seemed to launch him to stardom.

“In 2005, you needed a character like Borat who was misogynist, racist, anti-Semitic to get people to reveal their inner prejudices,” Cohen added. “Now those inner prejudices are overt. Racists are proud of being racists.” Then, of course, Cohen reprised his role in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm in 2020.

Unfortunately for Borat fans, it looks like Cohen is ready to retire his infamous role. NPR notes he felt scared for his life while filming a scene at a gun-rights rally, and the role is no longer worth the risk. “At some point, your luck runs out,” he said. “And so I never wanted to do this stuff again. I can’t.”

How much money did ‘Borat’ make?

Borat only featured a handful of actors and a modest budget, but Cohen’s freshness in the film shined through — and brought in big bucks. Parade notes the 2006 film grossed $263 million, and the original budget was just $18 million. Cohen is making a lot more money now than he was then, too. He reportedly made $4.25 million off of the original Borat.

Cohen made a lot more money off of the Borat sequel, though. Amazon reportedly paid the actor $80 million.

It looks like other streaming services were interested in the Borat sequel, too. Slashfilm notes Cohen originally wanted the film to premiere in theaters prior to the 2020 election, but the pandemic made this too difficult to pull off. The publication notes other streaming services, like Netflix and Apple, also likely bid on the film — but Amazon won. The film was a huge success for Amazon, too, as it reportedly got “10s of millions of viewers” in its opening weekend.

What is Sacha Baron Cohen’s net worth?

Thanks to the success of the Borat films, Sacha Baron Cohen’s net worth grew considerably over the years. Celebrity Net Worth notes his total net worth stands at $160 million.

Aside from his incredible wealth, he also has a number of awards under his belt. He has two BAFTA awards for the British satirical television show, Da Ali G Show, an MTV Movie Award for his comedic performance in Borat, and the award for “Best Kiss” thanks to the smooch he shared in Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell.

While Cohen might be done with the Borat films, we’re sure we’ll see plenty of his comedy in other ways going forward. And we can’t forget that his wife, Isla Fisher, is also incredibly wealthy and talented.

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