‘You have no right!’ Donny Osmond makes U-turn on Puppy Love after being accosted by fan

Donny Osmond reveals plans for ‘second home’

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On his podcast, Kevin Pollack noted to Donny: “It got you everywhere [Puppy Love]I mean it made you. I’ve heard people say, ‘Oh Puppy Love the cliche love song’, but that is your song!”

Donny replied: “I made fun of it one show and this lady stopped me at the backstage door and said, ‘Why did you make fun of Puppy Love?’.

“I said in a cocky way, ‘It’s my song, I can make fun of it any way I want to’ and then she said something Kevin that changed my life.

He continued: “’Yeah you may have had a big hit with that but that song was a big part of my childhood and you have no right to mess with my memories’.

“It stopped me in my tracks and I realised she’s absolutely right. It doesn’t just belong to me, it belongs to so many other people,” Donny admitted.

Previously Donny had shared he did not even want to continue singing the teenage anthem that made him a star.

“There was a time, where I didn’t want to sing ‘Puppy Love,’” Donny, now 63, told The Post.

“There was an article that came out in Rolling Stone magazine when I was a teenager, they said ‘The worst day in rock and roll history was the day Donny Osmond was born!’” he recalled.

Raised in the Mormon faith, they were viewed as being as squeaky-clean and wholesome as you could get, making them a regular punchline.

Growing up in the spotlight wasn’t easy — nor was it easy when that spotlight went away — and Donny has sympathy for former teen stars, like Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, who have struggled.

It helped that he had a friend going through the same thing in the form of Michael Jackson.

They first met as kids, performing with their brothers, at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto in 1971.

Years later, Donny and Michael had plans to record a cover duet of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish,” but unfortunately it never materialised.

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