‘Avengers 4′ Wraps Filming: Fans Try Very, Very Hard to Decode Directors’ Image

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“Avengers 4” has finished filming.
Reshoots = done. All of your favorites = done whatever they are going to do. Now post-production work kicks into high gear and continues into 2019.
But the intense fan speculation has only just begun.
It’s a good thing Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has movies planned until at least 2025. If the whole MCU ended with “Avengers 4” we’d miss the stars and characters, but we’d REALLY miss the obsessed fans.
MCU fans are a special breed — in a good way — and they tackle any clue with gusto. Sometimes they take it very seriously, sometimes they turn it into a joke. No matter what, they make the whole process fun.
The Russo Brothers understand this. They aren’t very active on social media, but when they do post something, they like it to be vague. They did this not too long ago with a black-and-white behind-the-scenes set photo, telling fans to “look hard.” They didn’t even say there were “Avengers 4” title clues involved, but fans came up with title clues anyway.
So Anthony Russo and Joe Russo decided to mark the official end of “Avengers” filming with this photo:

Those sonsofthunder knew exactly what they were doing. So fans got to work.

Seriously. They don’t need to market the film at all. Don’t bother telling us the title. No trailer. Just keep posting random shots of crap around set and we’ll do the rest.
“Avengers 4” is currently scheduled for release May 3, 2019.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.

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