Dolly Parton Said She Could Not Wait to ‘Jump Into Bed’ With Burt Reynolds

Country music icon Dolly Parton said she could not wait to jump into bed with silver screen legend Burt Reynolds, but it was all in the name of acting, London’s the Mirror reported Monday.

Parton, 72, who wrote the music for the stage version of 9 to 5: The Musical, will kick off in London’s Savoy Theatre in January. She opened up in the interview about Reynolds, her costar in the 1982 hit Hollywood movie The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, the Mirror noted.

She remained friends with the Academy Award-nominated actor until his death Sept. 6 at 82.

Despite the rumors at the time she had an affair with the Hollywood heartthrob, Parton said they were just good friends, but didn’t deny the onscreen chemistry.

“I couldn’t wait to jump into bed with Burt ¬Reynolds, Parton told the Mirror with a laugh. “In the movie, not in real life.”

Parton said part of that onscreen chemistry came from that fact that they were more “brother and sister” than lovers.

“Burt and I were a good ol’ boy and girl, and I was very sad when he passed away – we were really very much alike,” Parton told the publication. “But he had not been in good health for a long time and so I hope he’s resting in peace.

“I’m sure he is. The last years of his life he had some really hard times. We were kind of like brother and sister,” she continued.

Parton said her husband Carl Thomas Dean, who she has been married to for more than 50 years, took the rumors about the singer and Reynolds in stride. Parton has long been the subject of tabloid headlines putting her in the company of other men.

“Carl never cared about that,” Parton told the Mirror. Lord, they had me sleeping with everybody – I’d have never got anything done. And the ones I did sleep with, they don’t know about.

“Burt and I had our little arguments and little spats, but we were so honest with each other. In the same way Kenny Rogers and I are. We held no secrets from each other, we couldn’t fool each other,” Parton continued.

While Parton became a musical icon and actress, Dean ran the paving business until recently retiring, the Mirror wrote. She mentioned that they renewed their wedding vows in an elaborate ceremony for their 50th anniversary.

“I never got that big church wedding the first time around, with that ¬beautiful dress with the veil,” Parton told the publication. “But this time I did. We just had a lovely ceremony with immediate family. It was very sweet.”

She said humor has kept them together along with his full support of her career where she became the family’s breadwinner.

“Carl has a crazy, warped sense of humor,” Parton said, her the Mirror. “He is extremely funny and I suppose I am pretty funny too. Even if we get pissed off with each other, we have never said anything that we would regret if one of us died. We usually laugh our way out of it.”

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