Finn Wittrock Pines After His Childhood Love in Write When You Get Work Trailer

Finn Wittrock takes on the role of a man obsessed by a childhood love in his upcoming romantic comedy Write When You Get Work.

In a PEOPLE exclusive trailer for his new film, the American Horror Story actor plays Jonny Collins, a man dedicated to infiltrating the life of a woman named Ruth Duffy (Legion‘s Rachel Keller), who he used to know.

As Collins begins to spy on Duffy, he also comes to meet the wealthy Nan Noble (Emily Mortimer) who introduces him to the happenings of the upper class — which leads to a heist of epic proportions.

“My husband is in the middle of a public indictment,” Noble tells Collins. “There are things that I depend on to live my life. Will you help me?”

As it becomes clear Noble wants Collins’ help in stashing money away from federal investigators, he tells her, “Yes.”

Write When You Get Work, the movie, is a love story and portrait of New York, a city where people live and walk in unexpected combinations, in their own heads but together,” the film’s director, Stacy Cochran, tells PEOPLE.

“The characters in the movie, Ruth and Jonny, and also Nan and Steven (James Ransone), have loved each other and lost each other,” she said. “They crowd each other, taunt each other, and evolve toward each other in wavy lines.”

The film also stars Scott Cohen and Jessica Hecht.

Write When You Get Work is in theaters Nov. 23.

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