First Man cut a big moment from Neil Armstrong's life

First Man details the extraordinary achievement in putting a man on the moon, but the movie cut another big moment from Neil Armstrong’s life.

Back in 1964, the Armstrong family’s lives were threatened when their home in Houston, Texas caught fire and Armstrong had to save his two sons from the fire, with the help of his neighbour Ed White.

This was originally set to be in the movie as you can see glimpses of it in the trailer, but Olivia Hamilton – who plays Ed’s wife Pat – told Digital Spy that it was one of the moments that never made it into the final movie.

“His house burned down at one point, and we literally burnt down the house. Ed and I run over as next door neighbours and we help to put out the fire and comfort Janet. But that was a cool scene to film, but just didn’t end up in the movie. I wouldn’t put it in if it was up to me,” she explained.

Hamilton added that filming was a mix of scripted and improvisation, so there are a few other “interesting and fun” sequences that didn’t make the final cut, but Claire Foy – who plays Neil’s wife Janet – noted that she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I think that Damien [Chazelle] has made an absolutely extraordinary film and even if it didn’t make it into the film, I got to do it, so for me, that’s why I do this job really. I think the film is almost perfect,” she enthused.

Before its release, First Man has been involved in a bit of controversy over its use of the American flag.

See for yourself if it’s warranted when First Man lands in cinemas on October 12. Tickets can be booked here.

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