Halloween's Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals How to Survive a Horror Movie: 'No Sex'

Jamie Lee Curtis is giving fans her tips and tricks to surviving a horror movie.

The actress, 59, famously lived through to the end of the 1978 horror classic Halloween as babysitter Laurie Strode. This time around, Curtis is offering her advice into how she’s survived a murderous stalker in a PEOPLE exclusive video of her upcoming episode for Celebrity Binge Watch.

“How to survive a horror movie,” she says in the video.

“No sex,” Curtis reveals while wagging her finger at the camera. “If you have sex, not a good ending.”

“I’m Jamie Lee Curtis and this is Celebrity Binge Watch,” she adds.

In August, Curtis opened up about reprising her role as Strode in the new Halloween (out Friday), and the similarities between working on the two films, including the size of her paycheck.

“Weirdly enough, it’s not that different,” Curtis told Dateline. “Halloween in 1978 was a band of young guerilla filmmakers, and it was fast and furious.”

While appearing at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, Curtis also opened up about how, despite the years, her character is still the same girl audiences know and love.

“She’s the same girl 40 years later, she’s just been through a heck of a lot, like we all have,” the actress said. “You peel the onion of any person in this room, you will find trauma, you will find issues of sadness and loss and grief and great joy and happiness and drunkenness and misbehavior, but it’s human interaction.”

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“That’s what makes going to the movies so powerful. We look up [at the screen], we relate and we let out all the anxiety that we’re carrying,” she added.

Vertical Network’s Snap Original Celebrity Binge Watch is the Carpool Karaoke where actors watch their entire movie careers.

Curtis’ episode is available on Snapchat Discover Thursday.

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