Halloween's John Carpenter guarantees new sequel will scare you

How important was it to filmmaker David Gordon Green that director John Carpenter work on the score for Green’s sequel to Carpenter’s 1978 horror movie, Halloween? Terrifyingly so, as Green reveals in a just-released behind-the-scenes clip about the soundtrack for his film, which is also called Halloween and is released, Oct. 19.

“The sound of Halloween is so iconic, we had to have his blessing, we had to have a John Carpenter score,” says Green. “I think the original theme sits so comfortable with the film in its simplicity. It’s almost like Jaws. You don’t need the symphony to tell you how to feel.”

Carpenter himself reveals how he came up with the unnerving theme tune for his original, Jamie Lee Curtis-starring scare machine.

“My father taught me 5/4 time,” says Carpenter. “I thought it would be perfect for the movie.”

The director also talks about putting together the score for the new movie, which he did so in cahoots with his son and Cody and godson, Daniel Davies.

“I got to play with the original themes of Halloween,” says Carpenter. “Take the original score and modernize it with new sounds and new approaches.”

Finally, Carpenter promises in the clip that Green’s film will satisfy those who enjoy being frightened by the sight of Michael Myers, Esq.

“It is going to scare the s— out of you,” says the filmmaker. “I guarantee it.”

The soundtrack for the new Halloween is released Oct. 19 on Sacred Bones Records. Watch that clip, above.’Halloween’ director John Carpenter guarantees new sequel will ‘scare the s— out of you’

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