Hustlers home release: When is Hustlers out on DVD and to download?

Hustlers has been gracing the awards nominee lists of late – with Jennifer Lopez gaining critical acclaim for her work in the movie. She plays Ramona, who along with Destiny (played by Constance Wu) cook up a plan to steal money from their wealthy clients. The movie was a big hit with fans and critics – but when is it out for fans to watch at home?

When is Hustlers out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download?

Hustlers is out on DVD and Blu-rau on January 20, when it will also be available to digitally download.

In terms of digital download, the film was produced by Annapurna Productions and STX Entertainment, with the former company having a streaming deal with Hulu.

As a result, it seems it is more likely Hustlers will be available to stream with a Hulu subscription rather than a Netflix one, however it may also be available for digital download via Amazon Prime.

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What did the critics and fans say about Hustlers?

Hustlers was certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, gaining an 88 percent score from critics and a 65 percent score from the public.

While it clearly didn’t hit home with the public as well, it has also gained some awards discussion, with J-Lo earning a nomination for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

The case may be, when the Oscar nominations come out on January 13, she will be named among their favourites as well.

In terms of the critical reception, The Independent’s Clarisse Loughrey said: “A lean, fierce take on the nature of female empowerment in an inherently corrupted world.”

The Times’ Damon Wise added: “It plays like a camp version of Steve McQueen’s Widows mixed with Showgirls and Lopez is unforgettable as the mink-clad strip-club diva purring, ‘climb in my fur.’”

Hustlers also gained a great review from Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers, who said: “A Best Actress Oscar nomination for Jennifer Lopez? You better believe it.

“As a stripper who can work a pole better than rivals half her age, Lopez is that dazzling, that deep, that electrifying. This you don’t want to miss.”

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Benjamin Lee from The Guardian added: “Blessed with one of the most memorable entrances in recent cinema history, Lopez slinks through Hustlers with a deceptive ease, as in control of the film as her character is of her situation.”

However, it wasn’t a hit with everyone, as The Times’ Ed Potton said: “Yet, while it’s superficially entertaining, this true-life tale of the lap dancers who drugged their clients and maxed out their credit cards is, like visiting a strip club, ultimately a bit depressing.”

Fans’ views of the film were also more of a mixed bag, with one taking to Rotten Tomatoes to say: “A mix of comedy, true crime, and social commentary, Hustlers is a visually engaging, well-written, and overall enjoyable cinematic experience.

“Jennifer Lopez delivers a bravura performance truly worthy of a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Oscars.

“Her Ramona is charismatic, nuanced, scheming, funny, suave, and motherly all at once; though largely an ensemble piece, Lopez’s performance truly ties the entire film together — from her dazzling entrance to her final line.”

However, another fan who had seen previous coverage about the movie was not too enamoured, adding: “Maybe I shouldn’t have watched the 20/20 coverage before seeing the movie. Either way, the movie really fell flat. It felt like they never firmly committed to a tone for the film.

“Are we supposed to feel happy, sad, amused… It just left the whole film feeling awkward and emotionless.”

Either way, with it arriving on home release options soon, fans can make up their own minds on their viewing.

Hustlers is out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download on January 20

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