Is the DC Universe Streaming Service Worth the Price? A Review After One Month

We’ll Get to the Content, But Let’s Talk About the UI First, Because It Sucks

  • During the first few days post-launch, the iPad DC Universe app had a “Download” button next to some of the programming. That button suggested that you could download shows to watch offline. But that button didn’t work, and I couldn’t download any shows, no matter how many times I jammed my finger at the screen in frustration. The “Download” button has since disappeared from the iPad application, and even though it caused me anger, I hope it comes back (and actually works, this time), because that would be a valuable feature to me and others who travel frequently.
  • The app made good efforts to promote their first show, Titans, across platforms. On Apple TV, however, you couldn’t watch the trailer and short profiles of the new Titans characters when you clicked the appropriate button. Last week, if you wanted to watch the new trailer on the Apple TV DC Universe app, you couldn’t! That bug has since been fixed, though only days before the premiere.
  • Browsing and searching content on the app was also tricky. One of the first shows I wanted to watch was Batman: The Animated Series, which was conveniently on the home page but only had a partial listing of the episodes that you could scroll through. I figured out that you could find any episode if you did a specific search by episode title, but that’s annoying! The good news is that this has also been fixed, and I’m hopeful that the service’s tech team will continue to improve on the apps overall usability moving forward.

But What About the Content? Let’s Start With DC Daily

But There’s a Bunch of Older Content Too, Right? Any Stuff Worth Watching?

The Comics Library is Nice, But Not as Comprehensive as Marvel Unlimited

Titans is Not Going to Convince Many to Stick Around

So, is It Worth the Price?

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