James Bond 25: Daniel Craig jets off from New York – Heading for Pinewood or Norway set?

It’s been five years since the incumbent James Bond was shooting Spectre. And now the 51-year-old has left his home in New York to report for 007 duty for the fifth and final time. Craig was spotted at JFK Airport on Saturday by Daily Mail, wheeling his suitcase and with headphones round his neck for his flight. But the question is, where has the Bond star flown to?

Well, filming has already begun on Bond 25 in Norway.

Director Cary Fukunaga has been shooting snowy scenes of a masked and armed man chasing a blonde girl out of a house.

There was no sign of Craig, which explains why he’s now only just setting off to begin filming.

So he could be flying straight out to Norway, or more likely, could have landed in London to kick off his shoot at Pinewood Studios.

After all, it’s Bond franchise tradition to hold a press conference first; announcing the new 007 film’s title and cast.

This is usually held at Pinewood Studios’ 007 Stage before the shoot begins.

However, it looks like last week’s Norway shoot took place beforehand, so the scene could be shot before the snow melts.

In fact, MI6 HQ claim this press conference “will be held on or around April 1st at Pinewood Studios.”

Bond 25’s working title is Shatterhand, but its real name could be Eclipse.

That was the title listed on a Breakdown Artist’s online CV, next to B25 productions.

So is Eclipse the true title of Bond 25 or just another working title? It certainly could be, seeing how Bondy it sounds, not to mention how it follows the minimalist one-word titles of Skyfall and Spectre.

Bond 25 is set for release in UK cinemas on April 3, 2020.

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