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  • 2020 was a big year for streaming video and we’re discussing its impact on advertisers.
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2020 may have been a watershed year for streaming video.

Viewership skyrocketed on Netflix and other services. Legacy-media heavyweights launched challenger brands like Peacock and HBO Max. And streaming was estimated to have taken a larger share of TV-ad spending pie. 

As more marketers set they’re sights and budgets on streaming, we’re asking the experts how to navigate this changing landscape where under-the-radar series can become overnight sensations (“The Queen’s Gambit,” anyone?) and services can vanish as quickly as they appeared (RIP, Quibi.) .

Please join our Future of TV reporter Ashley Rodriguez and execs from Molson Coors, Roku, and UTA Marketing for a conversation about the explosion of services, capitalizing on streaming-driven cultural moments, and where the industry is heading in 2021.  

The hour-long chat is slated for March 10 at 3 pm ET/12 pm PST, and we want your questions. 

Meet our panelists:

Brad Feinberg is the North America vice president of media and consumer engagement for Molson Coors. 

Alison Levin is the vice president of global ad revenue and marketing solutions for Roku. 

Julian Jacobs is the co-head of UTA Marketing, a division of talent agency UTA. 

Topics to be discussed include: 

  • What’s changed in streaming video in the last year
  • How to navigate both ad-supported (Hulu, Peacock) and non-ad-supported (Netflix, Disney Plus) streaming services
  • Where the connected-TV gatekeepers fit in
  • How to capitalize on big cultural moments driven by streaming shows
  • What advertisers need to know about streaming video in 2021

If you’d like to submit a question to be answered, please fill out this brief form. The experts will also be taking audience questions live. 

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