Mahershala Ali Faces a New Version of Himself in 'Swan Song' Trailer

Mahershala Ali discovers he’s dying and enters an unusual treatment to spare his family from grief in a new trailer for Swan Song. The film arrives on Dec. 17 via AppleTV+.

In the trailer set in the near future, Cam (Ali) and his wife (Naomie Harris) are happily reflecting on her pregnancy. He finds out he has a terminal illness and his doctor (Glenn Close) provides him with an alternative solution where it appears there are two versions of him. The catch is he can’t reveal this to his family and Cam struggles with the decision. “The second you tell your wife that you are dying, your opportunity to do this is gone,” the doctor says. “Do this with us and let life go on for your family, a clean swap.”

Directed by Benjamin Cleary, the cast also includes Awkwafina and Adam Beach.

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