Meg Ryan's son Jack Quaid just 'recently' saw When Harry Met Sally

The 1989 film When Harry Met Sally is among the most beloved romantic comedies of all time. But one person who didn’t rush to see it was Jack Quaid from Amazon’s upcoming superhero show The Boys and the son of actors Dennis Quaid and When Harry Met Sally star Meg Ryan. Quaid revealed why he was late to the WHMS party in the course of Entertainment Weekly‘s Breaking Big panel at New York Comic Con on Sunday, where he was joined onstage by David Ajala (Nightflyers), Virginia Gardner (Halloween, Runaways), Melissa Roxburgh (Manifest), and Cailee Spaeny (Bad Times at the El Royale).

“I saw When Harry Met Sally for the first time recently,” Quaid told panel moderator and EW Editor at Large Lynette Rice. “Guys, when your mother has one of the most famous orgasm scenes of all-time, you do not jump to the film, okay? I saw it because I was doing a rom-com, and that’s like the rom-com, and I watched it, and then afterwards I cried for so long, because I was so proud of her, and I immediately called her, and I’m like, ‘I’m so sorry I missed this movie.’ She’s like, ‘I’ve seen it like one time.’ Anyway, that’s my favorite of hers.”

Quaid also discussed his mixed feelings towards Joe Dante’s 1987 science fiction film Innerspace, the movie on which his parents met.

“That’s an insane movie, and it’s a very weird movie for me, because both my parents are in it, and Martin Short’s character is named Jack, which is my name,” said the actor. “It’s just odd for me. I know they met on that movie too, so cosmically it’s weird for me…It’s good, it’s weird, it’s cool. I had nothing to do with it, but if it wasn’t made, I probably wouldn’t have been born, so I’d say, ‘Good on that movie!’ yes.”

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