Sandra Bullock Wrote on Her Stomach to Tell Harry Connick Jr. He Got Hope Floats Role

Sandra Bullock got creative when she broke the news to Harry Connick Jr. that he had scored a part in the 1998 romantic comedy Hope Floats.

“It was one of the first movies I did,” Connick Jr., 51, recalled on The Graham Norton Show. “I really wanted to do this part. It was between me and some other guy.”

He was nervous about his chances of landing the role. Connick Jr. explained, “Sandra told me, ‘The guy that I’m really thinking about is this cowboy from Texas.’ And the part was a cowboy from Texas. I said, ‘There’s no way I’m gonna get it.’”

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Bullock, 54, convinced him otherwise on a private plane ride from Texas to Los Angeles, which she had invited him to join her on.

“We get on the plane, and I was trying to be coy and not let her know what I was thinking. But I really wanted to know who this other guy was,” Connick Jr. said. “I’m like, ‘So how did that other guy do? He was pretty good, huh?’”

Bullock replied, “Yeah, he was really good. He’s from Texas. He’s exactly what we’re looking for.”

Connick Jr. narrated, “She starts to untuck her shirt, and I’m thinking, ‘Okay, it’s not particularly warm in here.’ … What was really weird was that her father was actually on the flight too. This is as freaky as it gets. Your dad is right there. You’re taking your clothes off in front of me on a private plane. Maybe I don’t want to work with you after all.”

Bullock had good reason for her unexpected actions.

“She starts unbuttoning her shirt, and she starts raising her shirt up,” Connick Jr. concluded. “On her stomach was written, ‘You got the part.’”

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