Sean Connery voted as best Bond of all time beating Daniel Craig – poll

James Bond: Daniel Craig says film is ‘bigger and better’

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Kate stunned on the red carpet last night at the premiere of the new James Bond film “No Time to Die”, but royal attendance is no surprise, as the Queen has been wowing 007 fans for decades. An incredible 25 James Bond films have been made by Eon productions since 1962, and the very first production “Dr. No”, starring Scottish actor Sean Connery, smashed the box office, grossing $59.6 million worldwide and $16.1million domestically —which amounts to a staggering $215.1million after inflation.


Mr Connery continued to play James Bond for another five films: From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, and Diamonds are Forever.

At the red-carpet premiere of his penultimate 007 movie in 1967, Sean Connery and his wife Diane Cilento were greeted by the Queen, 41, who wore a stunning gown and tiara as guest of honour.

Mr Connery is thought to be the best James Bond to ever grace the big screen according to 43 percent of Express voters who took part in a poll of 3,536 people held from September 25 to 29.

Voters announced Daniel Craig as the second most popular James Bond actor of all time after starring in his fifth and final movie this year.

One Express reader and an avid 007 fan commented: “I still love Sean Connery as the first quintessential Bond but bringing it up to date, Daniel Craig is the most realistic and charismatic Bond for his ability to be a true killer on screen, and to take risks you would expect a double ‘0’ agent to take.

“He’s hard, fit as a butcher’s dog, ruthless, cold and everything Fleming would have wanted as his Bond.

“It takes a Bond of Daniel Craig’s stature and physique to go that extra distance towards reality, and the stunts are spectacular which is why we long to see the latest saga!” (username yaaboosucks).

Mr Craig first debuted as Bond in 2006 and has impressively held the hotseat for the last 15 years from age 38 to 53.

He starred in the highest ever grossing Bond film ‘Skyfall’ ($1.1billion), which 46 percent of Express voters agreed was his best work, pipping Casino Royale to the post, which was Craig’s greatest movie in the eyes of 32 percent of voters.

Though the original Bond, Mr Connery, was the first to be graced with the Queen’s adoration, Mr Craig has had the honour of starring in a comical skit with her majesty and her corgis for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2012.

When Prince Harry’s relationship with Prince William was steadier, the brothers sent fans crazy in matching tuxedos at Daniel Craig’s ‘Quantum of Solace’ premiere in 2008, and the duo were joined by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2015 when they stunned the red carpet for the ‘Spectre’ release.

Last night, at the premiere of what is widely thought to be his last 007 movie, Mr Craig mingled with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Charles and Camilla.

Close on Craig’s heels in third place was Roger Moore who starred in a phenomenal seven films from 1973 to 1985, the most of any Bond actor.

Before she married Prince Charles, 20-year-old Diana attended the ‘For Your Eyes Only’ premiere held in 1981, wearing a red sequined dress.

She later attended the 1985 premiere of ‘A View to a Kill’ with husband Prince Charles, and greeted Mr Moore wearing a statement backless silver dress.

Moore took home 20 percent of the votes for best Bond actor, followed by Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, and lastly, George Lazenby.

An Express voter, Neil M, said: “I liked Timothy Dalton too and George Lazenby, I grew up in the 70s so I’m not sure between Connery or Moore. Brosnan and Craig are unwatchable.”

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Pierce Brosnan’s ‘Die Another Day’ premiere, 2002, saw Queen Elizabeth take to the red carpet in a beautiful yellow and gold evening dress accompanied by Prince Philip.

Mr Lazenby only starred in one Bond movie, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, released in 1969.

The film was directed by Peter Hunt and did poorly at the box office grossing at $64.6million compared to the previous Sean Connery release in 1971 which tallied up at $116million.

One Express reader, Ricardo, remarked: “Connery was the best by a significant margin.

“The action scenes in the latest bond movies are stupid and unrealistic.”

Do you agree that Sean Connery will always be the best Bond actor of all time? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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