Several Movie-Related Words Have Been Added to the Dictionary

Language is fluid, ever changing, always evolving. Case in point: the Oxford English Dictionary just added a slew of new movie-related words that people have been unofficially using for a while now. In fact, the OED has added: “over 100 words and phrases as part of this update to increase the OED’s own stock of film terms.” So say hello to SpielbergianKubrickianscream queen and more. See the new movie words below.

If you’re a film nerd, there’s a good chance you’ve been using almost all of the new film-related words and phrases added to OED. Now, however, you can take solace in knowing the words are officially in the dictionary itself. “This last group is perhaps the single most obvious source for the new additions: 20 new adjectives relating to specific directors have been included. The list runs through a range of genres and locations,” says the OED.

So what words can you expect to see take their rightful place in the dictionary now? Here’s a sampling:

scream queen n. (a) an actress noted for her comedic roles (rare); (b) an actress noted for her roles in horror films.

Tarantinoesque, adj. Resembling or imitative of the films of Quentin Tarantino; characteristic or reminiscent of these films.

giallo, n. A genre of Italian thriller or horror film typically involving a murder mystery and characterized by graphic violence, eroticism, an atmospheric, sometimes dreamlike blend of suspense and horror elements, and often a prominent, intense music score. Also: a film in this genre.

Keatonesque, adj. Of or relating to the comic actor and film-maker Buster Keaton; resembling or characteristic of his films or style of comedy.

Spielbergian, adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of the films of Steven Spielberg, esp. as having fantastical or humanist themes or a sentimental feel.

Kubrickian, adj. Of or relating to Stanley Kubrick; resembling or characteristic of his films.

That’s just a start. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t the most significant news you’ll read all week. But if you’re a film fan, it’s pretty damn cool. Idiocracy is even in there! “The phrase ‘the language of cinema’ is typically used when referring to visual literacy: the means by which we ‘read’ the way a film was shot and edited, with camera movement, cuts, and close-ups used as a form of communication. But as with any area of specialism, film has its own ever-expanding lexicon, and such is cinema’s popularity and influence that the words involved often make their way through to mainstream consciousness,” OED writes.

The full list of words can be seen below.

  • Academy ratio n.
  • action comedy n.
  • AD n.
  • aerial shot n.
  • AFI n.
  • Altmanesque adj.
  • anthology n.
  • arc shot n.
  • BBFC n.
  • Bergmanesque adj.
  • BFI n.
  • blink and you’ll miss it phr.
  • blooper reel n.
  • Bressonian adj.
  • bridging shot n.
  • Bunuelian adj.
  • Capraesque adj.
  • chanchada n.
  • cineliteracy n.
  • cineliterate adj.
  • Cinema Novo n.
  • cinematography n.
  • clapboard n.2
  • craft service n.
  • crawl n.1
  • cut n.2
  • diegetic adj.
  • straight (also direct) to DVD phr.
  • director of photography n.
  • director’s chair n.
  • DoP n.
  • DP n.
  • Dutch angle n.
  • edge-of-your-seat phr.
  • Eisensteinian adj.
  • end credits n.
  • flashforward adj. and n.
  • Foley n.
  • Fordian adj.
  • front projection n.
  • gag reel n.
  • giallo n.
  • glass shot n.
  • Godardian adj.
  • gorefest n.
  • gorehound n.
  • Groundhog Day n.
  • Hammer n.4
  • hanging miniature n.
  • hard R adj. (and n.)
  • Hawksian adj.
  • Hays n.
  • Herzogian adj.
  • horror n.
  • idiocracy n.2
  • in-camera adv.2
  • Indiana Jones n.
  • J-horror n.
  • jump scare n.
  • kaiju n.
  • kaiju eiga n.
  • Keatonesque adj.
  • Kubrickian adj.
  • Langian adj.
  • Lynchian adj.
  • match cut n.
  • microbudget n. and adj.
  • mise-en-scène n.
  • Mrs Robinson n.
  • mumblecore n.
  • no-budget adj.
  • Nollywood n.
  • non-diegetic adj.
  • not in Kansas anymore phr.
  • omnibus adj.
  • one-sheet n.
  • Oscar bait n.
  • peplum n.
  • portmanteau n.
  • post n.13
  • post-credit adj.
  • principal photography n.
  • production code n.
  • schlock horror n.
  • Scorsesean adj.
  • scream queen n.
  • second unit n.
  • sex comedy n.
  • shaky cam n.
  • shaky camera n.
  • short film n.
  • short subject n.
  • Sirkian adj.
  • spec adj.
  • Spielbergian adj.
  • stock footage n.
  • stoner n.1
  • sword-and-sandal n.
  • table read n.
  • Tarantinoesque adj.
  • Tarkovskian adj.
  • tentpole adj. and n.
  • three-shot n.
  • tilt shot n.
  • torture porn n.
  • travelling shot n.
  • triple-X adj.
  • (up) to eleven phr.
  • VFX n.
  • visual effect n.
  • voice acting n.
  • voice actor n.
  • voice actress n.
  • walla int. and n.
  • Wellesian adj.
  • XXX adj.


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