‘Shameless’ Star Cameron Monaghan Also Leaving Showtime Series


Another Gallagher sibling is leaving the South Side.
“Shameless” star Cameron Monaghan, who plays Ian, revealed that this Sunday’s episode will be his last on the Showtime dramedy. His departure comes several weeks after lead Emmy Rossum’s announcement that she is exiting the series.
“I have been a series regular on this show for roughly ten years. I was the tender age of fifteen when we shot the pilot, and I came of age in so many ways, both legally and personally,” he wrote in an Instagram post.
He added, “This role has been a joy to inhabit, a wild and special ride, and I’d like to thank #Shameless as well as you, the viewers, for being there with him.”

Over the course of the series, Ian has struggled with bipolar disease (which also afflicted his mother) and become a leader in Chicago’s young gay community. In the current ninth season, Ian has been facing jail time for leading an uprising in which he was dubbed “Gay Jesus.” In last week’s episode, he pled guilty by reason of insanity.
Monaghan’s post indicated that he’s open to return for guest appearances.  “Goodbye, Ian Clayton Gallagher. We’ll meet again?” he wrote.
Despite the exit of two Gallagher siblings, “Shameless” showrunner John Wells has said the series could continue into a (as yet unordered) 10th season  and beyond. Co-lead William H. Macy is still on board.
“There are a lot more Gallagher stories to tell,” Wells said.

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