‘Troop Beverly Hills’ Cast Reunites for 30th Anniversary

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What a thrill! The Wilderness Girls are back together again.
The cast of the feel-good 1989 comedy “Troop Beverly Hills” reunited to mark its 30th anniversary. Shelley Long, Tori Spelling, Betty Thomas, Kellie Martin, and others came together for an “Entertainment Tonight” special airing March 26.
The movie follows Beverly Hills socialite Phyllis Nefler (Long) who is undergoing a contentious divorce and seeks to prove her worth to her estranged husband. She becomes a den mother to a troop of Beverly Hills Girl Scouts that her young daughter belongs to. Her unorthodox ways run her afoul of a rival troop leader (Thomas), but Phyllis and the girls persevere at the regional Jamboree.
During the reunion, Long led the cast members in the classic chant from the film: ““We’re the girls from Beverly Hills, shopping is our greatest skill! We will fight and try real hard, leave behind our credit card! Beverly Hills, what a thrill! Beverly Hills, what a thrill!”
Long also praised her co-stars. “May I say? I am so proud of these girls and this girl too,” she said. “And that’s really why I did this, because of the girls. They are so wonderful.” And for all the fans out there? “Well, you can be a Beverly Hills girl! One, two, three, four!”

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Troop Beverly Hills

With her marriage breaking up, Beverly Hills housewife Phyllis Nefler (Shelley Long) boosts her self-esteem by leading a local troop of Wilderness Girls. Although Phyllis' version of roughing it is spending the night at the Beverly Hills Hotel, that suits her privileged troop members just fine. Unfortunately, when Phyllis falls afoul of a rival leader, the girls are threatened with having their group dissolved — unless they can prove their wilderness skills at the annual jamboree. Read More

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