Venom prop reveals twisted backstory of classic villain following THAT mid-credits scene

Warning: this article contains spoilers from Venom.

Venom teased the future appearance of a classic comics supervillain in a mid-credits scene.

At the end of the movie, we see Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) interview Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) in prison, setting up the arc for baddie Carnage.

Well, we’ve now been given some more info on his background thanks to a notebook on display at New York Comic Con, and it sounds pretty traumatic.

According to the notes (via, Kasady has killed plenty of people in his life, including pushing his grandmother down the stairs and going on a murder spree in New York.

He also dug up his mother’s grave, killed her dog with a drill when he was a child and also killed a girl that rejected his advances by pushing her in front of a bus.


This is not too far off Kasady’s comics version, where he was a cellmate of Brock’s and was latched onto by a symbiote spawn from Venom, become a dangerous enemy.

Meanwhile, Venom has done pretty well at the box office since its opening last week, racking-up the biggest October opening for a film ever. That’s all despite being panned by critics across the board, some even calling the movie a “trainwreck”.

However, there are plans for more movies, and we imagine with the box office success of the first, they will go ahead – so expect to see more Carnage down the line.

Venom is out now in the UK and US. Book tickets here.

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