Alan Sugar says Piers Morgan has ‘gone mad’ and won’t end their bitter feud

Apprentice star Alan Sugar has insisted that he won't make up with Piers Morgan  and end their long-running fued.

A bitter row erupted between the pair earlier this year after Piers slammed the Government over its coronavirus response.

And it doesn't look like the fued will be ending anytime soon as the Apprentice Star has told in an interview how he doesn't expect he will ever patch things up with the GMB host.

Alan told The Sun : “No, I haven’t made up with the guy and I don’t think I will ever.”

“He’s gone mad. Absolutely gone mad.”

Lord Sugar claims Piers launched his ITV breakfast show attacks on the Government during lockdown to promote himself.

He said: “He’s intent on publicising himself. That’s it. It’s all about him. No one else. He don’t give a monkey’s about anybody really other than himself. His own popularity. That’s all he’s interested in. End of story.”

When asked if he was close friends with Lord Sugar he replied, 'yes we were' -, but added he was "not going to stand around listening to him talk a lot of old twaddle".

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Lord Sugar has blocked Piers on Twitter and he insists he doesn't want to have a chat in person.

He said he can find out "every single word" Piers "spouts on Twitter " and "doesn’t bother any more".

Daily Star Online has contact Piers Morgan's representatives for comment about Lord Sugar's remarks

In June Lord Sugar accused Piers of being on drugs.

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Following a week-long break from the ITV show, the 58-year-old was back on the programme alongside co-host  Susanna Reid, and furiously laid into Dominic Cummings over his 260 mile trip to Durham during the height of lockdown.

Following Piers' passionate monologue, his rival, Alan Sugar, claimed the father-of-four was "on drugs" because he was acting "hyper".

He tweeted: "I have just watched the start of GMB. Morgan did not stop ranting for 10 minutes and did not come up for air.

"He must be on drugs he is so hyper. Susanna Reid just hmming every 2 mins."

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