Alison Hammond ‘in denial’ over deteriorating eyesight despite medical warning

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Alison Hammond has showed off her glasses whilst hosting This Morning after being warned that her eyes would deteriorate if she didn't wear them.

On Friday’s show Alison, 46, returned to co-host with Dermot O’Leary , 48 in their regular weekly Friday slot.

At the start of the show Dermot discussed Alison's new glasses as she usually presents the show without them.

She told viewers that despite having glasses for a while she has now decided to wear them while she is on screen because she was starting to struggle to read the autocue.

Dermot said: "It’s good to see you, you look terrific with these glasses!"

Alison replied: "Well, I realised today, I could hardly see the autocue, and I finally realised, Alison, it’s time. You’re 46 years old. Put your glasses on and start using your glasses.

"I literally can see the autocue so much better! No wonder I’ve been so bad all this year."

Dermot then asked his co-presenter how long she had needed her glasses for and Alison explain that she has needed them for several decades and that she was 'in denial' over her eyesight difficulties.

She said: "I had very bad eyesight and then about 20 years ago I had laser surgery, and they did mention to me in about 20 years time, your eyes will deteriorate, but I’ve been in denial.

"So I had these reading glasses and I just don’t like using them."

She describe presenting the show as 'so much clearer' when she was wearing her glasses.

Alison described it as a 'whole new world' and said to Dermot: "You look amazing. I didn’t realise how good you look."

Fans took to Twitter to praise Alison on her new look.

One person said: "Hello loving your glasses you look amazing in them was wondering where you got them from. I would like to purchase some."

A second tweeted: "Just thought I’d say you look lovely. Your hair and glasses really suit you. I’m looking more at you than Dermot," as another said: "Just wanted to say your glasses really suit you! You look beautiful as always babe."

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