BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker in stitches as he exposes mum’s awkward phone blunder

Dan Walker couldn't hold back from Twitter shaming his mum when she made an embarrassing blunder on the phone.

The BBC Breakfast host saw the funny side to his mother's mobile phone mishap and had to share it with his followers.

Dan, 44, lovingly teased his beloved mum in the post to his social media account as he explained how she had mistakenly used WhatsApp to group call him and his siblings.

The resulting confusion appeared to tickle him no end as he scripted out the conversation that followed.

He wrote: "My mum has somehow managed to call all her children on a group WhatsApp – something she has clearly done by accident…

"Me: Hello mum. Mum: Hello? Me: Hi Mum. Mum: Are you on this call? Me: Yes. Mum: Where are you? Me: I’m at home. Mum: Am I on this call? Me: Yes Mum. I am talking to you."

He continued: "Mum: What did you want Daniel? Me: You called me mum! Mum: *long pause.* (Sister joins). Sister: Hi mum.

"Mum: Are you on this call Rachel? Sister: Yes mum. Mum: Where did you come from?"

Continuing to find the whole exchange hilarious Dan posted a crying laughing emoji as he added: "It could be a long one #LoveMums."

Dan is no stranger to a mishap himself – he recently shared footage to instagram where he was seen walking head first in to a revolving glass door.

The popular presenter shared CCTV footage of the injury which could have forced him to drop out of Strictly Come Dancing before the series had even begun.

He wrote: "I’ve got some amazing memories from #Strictly but I’ll never forget that it nearly ended before it even began!

"This was the incident which led to a brain scan back in September!

"Staff at the hotel and A&E were great and I was OK to return to training after a three-day break.

"I’d left my wallet in the taxi but completely ignored the massive glass panel in the way while I was running outside before the car drove off.

"There was an immediate cartoon bump and blood where my teeth burst my lips but thankfully it wasn’t as serious as it looked."

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