Below Deck star fired for getting in bed with unconscious co-star while naked

Below Deck Down Under fans are outraged by one crewmate who climbed into bed with his drunk co-star while completely naked.

Luke completely crossed a line and fans are in a frenzy after watching episodes from the second season.

Events unfolded after the chartered guests left the boat and the crew went out for a drink.

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Margot was drunk and Luke began to get quite close to the Below Deck star, which alerted alarm bells with Aesha.

She decided to keep a close eye on things as the night unfolded but once her back was turned, Luke decided to advance.

When Margot was left alone, Luke entered the room completely naked and climbed into her bed.

Producers attempted to force Jones out of the room and Aesha quickly ran to tell Captain Jason about the inappropriate incident.

Through tears, Aesha explained: “Basically, we came home tonight and I just kind of felt like Luke was kind of wanting to take advantage of Margot’s drunkenness, a little bit. She was pretty out of it.”

“Next thing I know, the power goes out and Luke is f***ing running out of Margot’s bed naked. She was completely unconscious.”

Episode six ended with Luke locking himself in his room and episode seven began with Laura asking him what he was doing.

Luke said he “was just sitting there” and “had nothing to do with her”.

After asking about Margot’s wellbeing, Captain Jason booted Jones off the boat and terminated his employment.

Fans took to social media to discuss what they had seen and slammed Luke for his shocking behaviour.

One viewer tweeted: “We knew Luke was a bad seed from day [one]…”

Another chimed in: “I am shocked watching this episode. The anger in Luke’s eyes after being forcibly removed was unreal, I fear what he could have done to Margot if not for the crew.”

Others joined in the conversation and said they “sensed something” as Jones had been “forcing himself on Margot from day one,” whereas others simply branded him “a predator”.

One Bravo fan even tweeted the official network account and said they “truly hope Luke and Laura are not invited back for the reunion show”.

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