Brian May shares his favourite song on Queen’s Greatest Hits ‘It had to battle its way on’

Brian May asks his fans who they are 'driven' by

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Queen’s Greatest Hits is the UK’s best-selling album ever and a recent 40th anniversary re-issue narrowly missed out on being UK No 1 for a fifth time this week. Nevertheless, Brian May is proud of the iconic tracks featured on the record that he made with Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. And now the Queen guitarist has shared which song on the record-breaking album is his favourite.

Speaking with Absolute Radio, Brian May struggled to pick a song at first, before landing on one he penned himself.

The 73-year-old said: “Oh it’s very hard to say. What’s my favourite? I don’t know if I do have favourites.

“If I was being very…allowing myself to be partisan, probably would be We Will Rock You.

“Because it sort of says everything in a short time and it’s something that’s always worked for us.”

Brian even admitted his choice of We Will Rock You almost didn’t make it onto Queen’s Greatest Hits.

The rock legend shared: “It had to battle its way through to even be on there… because you could say, well it wasn’t like a No 1 hit in the UK.

“No it wasn’t. It was on the B-side of We Are The Champions. But mostly around the world both tracks were radio singles and did very well.

“And I think We Will Rock You was bonafide No 1 in France which was nice.”

Brian added: “But We Will Rock You has been with us for so long and has done so much for us.

“And it says a lot about what I had to say at the time; says a lot I think still about humanity, the way I see it anyway. Yeah okay, We Will Rock You [is my favourite].”

During another interview for YouTube documentary series Queen The Greatest, the 73-year-old shared how one specific gig inspired him to write the iconic track.

He said: “Bingley Hall. We played this great hall in the Midlands and it was heaving. Y’know those gigs that you love: it’s all sweaty and hot, the atmosphere’s great.”

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Brian continued: “Everybody’s jumping up and down, making a noise. And what they were doing was singing along.”

“In those days, it was really new I have to tell you. You just didn’t go to concerts where people sang to rock bands. But on this particular occasion, they didn’t stop. And when we went off stage they sang You’ll Never Walk Alone to us.”

The Queen guitarist went to sleep that night thinking: “What could an audience do? What could you ask them to do?”

In the end, he realised: “They’re all crammed in there, they can’t do much. But they can stamp their feet, they can clap their hands, and they can sing.”

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