Chloe Madeley shares best place for sex as she talks being ‘felt up’ by hubby

Chloe Madeley and James Haskell have accumulated a large fanbase, undoubtedly in part to them both being so open and honest about their lives.

The unfiltered couple, who have been married since 2018, are often talking about their sex life, as well as various other relationship matters.

On the latest episode of their Couples Quarantine podcast, fitness fanatic Chloe, 33, and rugby star James, 35, lifted the lid on their bedroom activity once more.

In a short clip posted on James' Instagram page, the loved-up duo talked about James' turn-on and where Chloe prefers to have sex.

Chloe shared: "He loves prawns pil pil, so that's like hot, spitting, boiling oil and I'm like cooking it, and then he'll come up behind me and feel me up.

"And I'm like, 'While I absolutely love this, I hate you for doing it now.'

"'Cause I can't respond and if anything 'you're annoying me and if anything you're putting me in a very dangerous situation'."

"So pick your moment," the Instagram star added.

Turning to James, she continued: "And I always think, you disagree, but I think in bed at night is a pretty safe sexual zone."

The couple's chat comes after Chloe recently shared that she thinks James bedded 1,000 women ahead of their relationship.

She told The Sun: "James had a very eventful life before we met but I reap the benefits of him being very experienced — so I’m fine with it.

"He has never actually disclosed his magic number but it’s far above what your average would be.

"One thousand might be hyperbolic but knowing what I do about him, it’s definitely in the hundreds if not more."

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