Chrissy Teigen Screams (a Lot!) as Ellen DeGeneres Sends Her Through a Spooky Halloween Maze

It’s not Halloween without a little scare!

In keeping with her annual Halloween tradition of scaring her executive producer Andy Lassner, Ellen DeGeneres sent him to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights — and Chrissy Teigen came along for the spooktacular ride.

While the pair appeared calm enough as they prepared to enter a Purge-themed maze, before they could even take a step toward the entrance of the haunted house, a figure brandishing a blood-stained weapon ran up behind them, giving them an unexpected fright.

“You don’t do it before!” Lassner exclaimed, while Teigen, having composed herself, broke out in a fit of laughter.

The screams just kept coming, especially when they entered a room filled with mannequins — and indistinguishable human counterparts waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

However, despite all the frights, Teigen took the whole thing in stride, laughing immediately after each scare — in fact, one time she even fell to the floor she was laughing so hard.

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Addressing her scream-filled trip on social media, Teigen wrote that it was “truly an honor” to face fright after fight with Lassner.

“I got to do the haunted house with @andylassner this year!! Truly an honor after watching Ellen force him to do this year after year,” she wrote.

She told a fan that she didn’t end up peeing her pants, though she did make one crucial mistake preparing for the taping.

“I went to hot n juicy before and that was a mistake,” she added in a separate message, referring to a seafood restaurant known for its cajun style seafood.

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