Daniella Westbrook addresses rumours of split from her jailed fiancé

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Danniella Westbrook has poured cold water on rumours that she and her fiancé have broken up.

Speculation was mounting that her relationship with partner David, who is currently in prison, had broken down following a series of cryptic posts on social media.

But the former EastEnders actress took to Instagram on Wednesday evening (April 20) to put the record straight.

Showing fans her engagement ring still firmly on her wedding finger, Danniella said: "I've just popped on quickly to say… I have not split up from my fella.

"As you can see we are well and truly still on and life is good."

Danniella had previously posted a quote on her Instagram story that said: "My problem is that I try to convince myself that my worries about a person aren't true.

"Sadly, they usually are, and I get hurt because I had to prove myself wrong. Moral of the story: believe people when they show us who they are."

She added: "For anyone who needs this today, trust your instinct and never blame yourself."

Danniella, 48, revealed to the Daily Star last week that she is thinking about adopting a baby with David, who is 20 years younger than her, when he gets out of jail.

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She said: "As you get older you realise what is important in life, it's like me with my fella now, we've known each other for years and gone back and forth.

"He eventually would have liked to have children, but I can't have any more children. When I went to see him on Saturday in jail I was like 'do you know what, all these Ukrainian babies, they've got all these thousands of Ukrainian babies that can't be adopted.

"And I was like 'maybe we should adopt a baby', and he was like 'maybe we should'.

"There are so many children over there with no parents, or we could adopt a five-year-old or something.

"I so would, I really would, because I love my house full of kids and mine have moved out now they are 26 and 21 now. I can't physically because of my menopause now, but David definitely wants them."

David is serving time behind bars for counterfeit goods and is set to be released in 11 months.

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