Gordon Ramsay’s wife Tana hints she’s more foul-mouthed than her famous hubby

Gordon Ramsay 's wife dropped a bombshell, hinting that she may use more bad language than the F Word TV star.

The celebrity chef, 54, who is notorious for turning the air blue with his foul-mouthed lingo could face some stiff competition from his other-half behind closed doors.

Tana, 46, diplomatically refused to deny that Gordon used the most expletives in the Ramsay household.

Speaking on the 'Sweat, Snot and Tears' podcast, Tana actually suggested that she could be the one more likely to curse at home while away from the cameras.

On the popular net cast, Tana was prompted to answer a question about who was the "sweariest", with the host assuming she'd have no qualms with conveying the famous F-Word chef as the main culprit.

The host asked: "Now, next question – gotta ask, who is the sweariest?

"Because you know we think it is, but are you actually the one F-bombing everybody in the house every five minutes?"

Astounding fans with her response, she laughed before responding: "I couldn't possibly answer that question.

"I'll leave it up to your imagination!"

Still probing for an answer, the presenter quipped: "I think all the mums are the sweariest – nationwide."

To which the mum-of-five replied: "I think I might agree with you on that one."

Meanwhile, Gordon hit the headline this week, after he launched a new Knightsbridge restaurant that seemed to divide fans over some pricer items on the menu.

The celebrity chef is bringing his American Gordon Ramsay Burger establishment to Harrods department store on December 4.

However, one particular wagyu prime beef burger, including seared sirloin, Pecorino cheese, cep mayonnaise and black truffle could set diners back a hefty £80.

While the Blue Cheeseburger that consists of beef patty, Cashel blue cheese, balsamic glazed onions, rocket, blue cheese dressing, crispy onion ring is priced at a modest £24.

Gordon himself took to Instagram on Monday to announce the arrival of his latest venture at Harrods and while some fans were excited, others didn't seem so positive.

One person said: "Would be nice if all these millionaire celebrity chefs could cater to the budgets of normal people and not fellow millionaires."

While another explained: "My heart is melted, if my net worth was the same as your weekly salary, I would definitely come to London tomorrow to taste that piece of heaven."

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