Kanye West's Wrote This Song Inspired by Dr. Seuss

Kanye West and Dr. Seuss are two very different celebrities, however, one inspired the other to write his first song. In fact, West’s first song was named after one of Seuss’ classic children’s books. Here’s a look at the story behind the track and how West’s mother helped him to record it.

Kanye West’s mom paid $25 so he could record this song

West became famous as an adult, however, he began recording music as a young teenager. According to the Chicago Tribune, when he was 13, West penned a track called “Green Eggs & Ham.” He convinced his mother, Donda, to pay $25 for some studio time so he could record the song. While the studio was not high-tech, West was very excited to be there. Little could he have known how famous and successful he would become by pursuing a career in music. West would later say his mother paved the way for the rest of his career. 

Eventually, West would cross paths with a famous producer named No I.D. “It was during Common’s first album, ’93 or ’94,” No. I.D. told Billboard. “My mother came home one day and told me that she had a friend… Moms are always like: ‘Here’s someone that you should help.” I understood, checked it out and it was him. He was just learning how to make music, but he was the most persistent person who I’ve ever met.” Interestingly, West was wearing M.C. Hammer-style pants when he met No I.D.

What was the song like?

No I.D. gave fans some insight into what “Green Eggs & Ham” was like. “The first song he played me called ‘Green Eggs & Ham,” he said. “It was real super-early, 90s-sounding, yelling type of hip-hop record with a computer keyboard beat that was really quite funny. He was in his group [State of Mind] for that song.” 

According to MTV News, West named the track after the Seuss book of the same name. On one level, it might sound strange for a hip-hop track to draw from such a juvenile source. On the other hand, it makes sense Seuss would inspire a rapper. He was all about clever rhymes — and clever rhymes are the very foundation of hip-hop.

According to No. I.D., the song was nothing special. “The music wasn’t good and he was only 14 or 15,” he said. “But [West] took the advice I gave him and it multiplied with a new perspective.” No I.D. said he liked to work with younger artist so they could learn from him and expand on his expertise.

The importance of Kanye West’s working relationship with No I.D.

The working relationship between West and No I.D. would turn out to be very important. After all, No I.D. would produce two of West’s most beloved albums: 808s & Heartbreak and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And to think, it all started with a song inspired by Seuss.

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