Katie Piper hits back at vile troll who branded her ‘ugly and repulsive’

Defiant Katie Piper has hit back at an evil troll who branded her "ugly and repulsive".

The 37-year-old was the victim of an acid attack in 2008 and she has endured nearly 400 operations.

She exposed the troll by sharing the disgusting message he sent her which read: "You're the most repulsive and ugliest thing I've ever seen why even bother with make-up."

Katie re-posted the message to her 980,000 followers to demonstrate the abuse that she has received.

She wrote: "I've posted this message from my inbox to show you all the work and conversations around diversity and inclusion, the everyday reality for anyone who is in the minority category…

"The everyday existence is very different to the positivity campaigns. More work needs to be done.

Katie was back in hospital last week following her latest operation on her right eye of which she still has some sight. Her left eye was damaged in the attack.

Her representative shared with Mail Online : “Katie is nearing her 400th operation now but she is being as brave as ever whilst in hospital for her current procedure.

“The eye is healing well, and Katie remains positive about the future and cannot thank the incredible eye surgeon and team enough for their work for their ongoing restoration and preservation of her sight in her 'good eye'.

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