Katie Price admits she had back-up ‘options’ as she feared men would cheat

Katie Price has opened up in a tell-all interview, revealing that she has finally let her 'guard down' after years of fearing her significant other would cheat.

Pouring her heart out, she revealed that in her past relationships she would keep her cards to her chest and always ensured she had other "options" in case her romance fell apart.

The 42-year-old, now feels after meeting her new boyfriend Carl Woods, 31, she can finally put her woes behind her and no longer needs to keep a back-up plan in her pocket to protect herself.

Singing Carl's praises she spoke about her barriers coming down, explaining that after so many failed relationships she finally felt secure.

The former glamour girl didn't hold back her feelings as she suggested that old relationships weren't real and branded some as "manufactured".

Katie told Mirror Online : "If I'd met [Carl] a couple of years ago it probably wouldn't have worked anyway because I believed that every man cheats on me, I've always made sure in the past, well since Kieran, that I have an option because I've been cheated on so bad.

"These options aren't sexual options, it's about the attention and the neediness of wanting to feel wanted."

The mum-of-five, has faced in-depth scrutiny over her new relationship with Carl as fans and loved ones fear it'll all end in heartache like before.

Explaining herself and how this romance is completely different from the rest, she said: "It's taken me until I was 42.

"Yeah I've had the rehearsal marriage, I've had it all, but the reason I say this is real, of course I've said 'I love you' before to people, he's been engaged before, we've all got a past, but the difference is, this isn't manufactured, this isn't a business arrangement.

"I always thought the person I settle down with, I have to know them this time and not rush it, he comes from a decent family, he is what he is."

Suggesting she had also done some revaluation, she continued: "I know he's not going to hurt me, I know he's not going to cheat, I've let my guard down.

"Normally in the past, because I've been cheated on so many times, I don't trust anyone, I always think they’re going to cheat on me, so I always made sure I had an 'option' because I was scared.

"So if someone cheated on me, there'd always be someone I could go to give me the attention that I needed.

"Whereas now, there's no options. I've got a new number, we've both got our Instagram set up on each other's phones, he's got my passcode, he can see anything, he'll answer it and read my messages if I need him to.

"And that feeling where you go to bed and wake up knowing you don't have to think 'Quick, where's my phone?' Or turn my phone upside down.

"Even with the options, it was never sexual or nothing, it was just the attention, the neediness that fed me if the man wasn’t giving me the attention I want."

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