Katie Price praised by fans over decision to put son Harvey into full-time care

Katie Price 's fans have inundated the star with messages of support after she updated them on her son Harvey 's living situation.

The 42-year-old star recently made the heartbreaking decision to place her eldest child into full-time care in order for him to lead a more independent life.

Since Katie confirmed the news, her followers have heaped praise on her via social media.

"Whatever you think of Katie Price, it’s undeniable she’s been nothing but a devoted and wonderful mother to Harvey," one person wrote.

"Every child deserves to be loved loudly and Katie Price has done that. She’s allowed us to see how funny and talented Harvey is," penned another Twitter user.

A third person added: "Residential care is very likely the best option for him at this stage; it's amazing she looked after someone with his conditions at home for so long."

A fourth follower wrote on Instagram: "You are an amazing mum to all your children Katie. But yours and Harvey's bond is second to none.

"I have followed and watched you for almost 18 years, yes sometimes you do some things that are crazy but you are an amazing lady and don't forget that (sic)."

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Harvey, who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, is partially sighted and also struggles with septo-optic dysplasia, which affects his growth.

Last week Katie shared a video on her Instagram page proving just how excited Harvey is to move into his new digs.

She captioned the post: “Harvey so happy today as doing Harvey’s new room up starting with his new bed from The Bedroom Centre. Thank you so much.”

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Guiding her son into the bedroom, Katie waited to see what his reaction would be at the new purchase.

“What do you think of your bed Price?” she asked him.

“Oh I love it,” Harvey declared in awe, as Katie urged him to have a play around with his new furniture.

“Look how big your bed is,” she encouraged. “Look. Stand there and have a look, mummy’s sitting so stand there and look at your bed.

"Look at this smooth big bed like mummy’s. What do you think?”

In response to Harvey’s joy, the mother-of-five asked: “Do you know why you got this bed? Because you’re not a boy anymore, you’re a…”

“Man,” Harvey answered, and Katie assured her son he was getting a man’s bed as a result.

The TV personality’s eldest son continued to share his excitement over the present, telling her it was going to be "amazing".

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