Kim Kardashian sparks concern with video of her kids playing near open flame

Kim Kardashian has sparked concern amongst fans after uploading a video of her young children playing on the kitchen worktop near an open flame.

In the seemingly innocent clip, Kim's kids North, seven, and Chicago, three, could be seen perched on the work top as the reality TV legend showed off her cooking skills.

As Kylie Jenner's sister made up a meal of chicken ramen noodles, the youngsters were keen to join in.

Leaning over the open gas flame hob, Kim asked the duo to be careful as they reached to stir the noodles.

Kanye West's children were dangerously close to burning themselves due to the fact they were just millimetres away from the naked flame.

Luckily, Kim noticed and made sure they kept their distance.

As she filmed the youngsters, she warned: "Girls, you can't be near the fire OK?"

The children did dutifully back off away from the cooking.

Keen to show off her children, Kim then asked the duo: "What is Chef North and Chef Chi Chi and Chef Dreamy making?

"Can you explain to me this delicious meal?"

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Recent reports claim that Kim and Kanye's very public marriage has officially come to an end.

After months of rumours the couple have been living as good as separate lives, insiders have now claimed the process of a divorce is in motion.

An insider told Hollywood Life: "Kanye’s struggling knowing that divorce is looming and looming.

"He knows it’s inevitable and now, it’s just a matter of when it’s all happening.

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“He hasn’t really fought for her and hasn’t been around the kids or the Kardashian family."

The mole added: "He’s completely icing people out that he would usually turn to for support and not talking to his closest friends.

"It’s not an ideal situation for anyone and it’s just sad for the entire family."

Despite the multiple claims, Kanye was pictured wearing his wedding ring while checking into his Malibu office this week.

While privately the marriage is reportedly over, insiders have added to The Sun that Kim is in "no rush" to bring in lawyers as she's used to them "living separate lives".

An insider said momager Kris Jenner is keen to get the legal issues signed off but Kim is dragging her heels.

The source claimed: "The lack of urgency with Kim officially filing for divorce comes from her becoming so comfortable living a completely separate life from Kanye, it’s already like they’ve been divorced since last year."

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