Lady Gaga Charms Bradley Cooper in Music Video for 'Look What I Found' From 'A Star Is Born' Soundtrack

The video, released Monday, highlights Gaga’s powerhouse vocals that have made her a star.

Lady Gaga shines as her "A Star Is Born" character in the music video for the movie’s original song "Look What I Found."

The video, released Monday, highlights Gaga’s powerhouse vocals that have made her a star. The clip opens to a scene early in the film, where Gaga’s character Ally and her new love Jackson (Bradley Cooper) are discussing a song that she is writing. Ally and Jackson, still in the beginning stages of their whirlwind romance, are sitting at a table in a diner.

"What are you writing down there," Jackson asks.

"That’s my songbook. I had this idea and I didn’t want to forget it," Ally responds.

"How do you hear it?" Jackson continues.

Ally answers by singing the tune and the music video enters an incredible montage of Jackson and Ally’s relationship, as well as her rise to stardom. The clip also shows an appearance from Jackson and Ally’s adorable pup Charlie, who is actually Cooper’s dog IRL.

In between snippets from their love story and electric live performances, the music video often flashes to Ally sitting on the piano next to Jackson recording the track.

"I think we got something there," Jackson says at the end of the clip, and Ally responds, "Oh, that’s so cool."

"A Star Is Born," has only been in theaters since Friday, but is already shattering records and hearts. The film is also generating early Oscar buzz for Gaga’s dazzling performance and Cooper’s trifecta of incredible acting, singing, and directing.

The film, which also stars Anthony Ramos, Sam Elliot, and Dave Chappelle, boasts a mind-blowing soundtrack, complete with 18 original songs, including the hit "Shallow." There’s no doubt that we’ll see at least one, if not more, of the songs nominated for Best Original Song this year. Listen to the full soundtrack here.

"A Star Is Born" is in theaters now.

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