Lizzie Cundy keeps her ex-husband’s testicle in a pickle jar despite divorce

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    Lizzie Cundy has revealed she has her ex-husband's testicle kept in a pickle jar.

    The ex-WAG spoke on her TalkTV show about her revelation.

    Lizzie used to be married to former England footballer Jason Cundy from 1994-2012.

    On last night's show, Lizzie said: "It's in a pickled jar, I've still got it."

    Her co-star asked her: "Would you do a photoshoot holding it?"

    Looking baffled, she answered: "No, I don't think so."

    Lizzie added: "The madness is he's just had surgery and he said 'I'm hungry, what's there to eat? And the nurse said 'spag ball'.

    Her co-star then asked: "But why do you have that and not him then?"

    "She got it in the divorce," another quipped.

    Lizzie, 55, laughed: "It's the only thing I did get. And I'm keeping it for old times' sake."

    The star also previously confessed to us that the secret to her ageless beauty is Lizzie Cundy is "late nights, alcohol and young men".

    When asked how it feels to still be branded a pin-up girl, Lizzie claimed that it was "unbelievable".

    She replied: "At my ripe old age! I know it's unbelievable, but I don't know. I actually feel better when I got to 50 than ever before.

    "[I feel] more confident in myself. I know I've got to do a bit of fitness but you know, I just enjoy life and I've definitely got it."

    She also revealed she once woke up steaming drunk in TV star Rylan's bed.

    Lizzie told us: "I was the guest that wouldn't leave, the drunk guest, that was me.

    "It was great, we had great fun. I didn't want to go home. He made me so welcome, I love Essex where he lives.

    "I have known him a long time, I always support him and will always support Rylan.

    "We were together on Big Brother's Bit on The side, I love his mum, I feel like I'm part of the family.

    "I'm like that auntie who will not go away."

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