Love Island star gets ‘biggest possible boob job’ and ‘loves’ new transformation

Love Island's Hannah Elizabeth has replaced her old implants with the "biggest" she could get.

The series one beauty has shared her recent surgery procedures exclusively with the Daily Star during an Instagram Live chat.

This comes after having her previous assets for 10 years – which meant it was time for her to replace her assets.

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The former Playboy Bunny told us: "Yeah, I had my boobs done, they were 10 years old and everyone was like 'Why are you getting them done?' But I had to replace them.

"So, I also got the fox eye and had a little lift and had my eye lids done, as they go so saggy.

"I had them done, it didn't hurt, I'm one of these if you're gonna get something done you may as well get a few at the same time while you're asleep. It was a minor."

And how is she finding her new implants?

Whilst smiling ear to ear, she responded: "They're great, I'm loving them. I'm really happy with them. I was actually worried about getting them done because I really liked my old ones and I didn't want to mess with them and ruin them – but I am so pleased.

"I went bigger with the implants, why not? I just love that look, so I've got the biggest implants I could get.

"At Comfort Zone, they were the biggest ones that he had. To be fair, it's like a cup size up from my last boobs. I got 1500cc under the muscle."

The gorgeous glamour model also revealed that she could never see herself taking her implants out and that she will likely still have them in during her later years.

Hannah claimed: "I would never take them out. You will see me when I'm older at the bingo, I will not take them out, it's just me.

"I know people say 'ugh' about surgery but that's just the look I love, the Playboy thing, the Pamela Anderson thing, the dramatic thing. Each to their own and that, but that's what I love and I can't see me ever taking them out."


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