Love Island’s Tasha’s dad says her ‘superpower’ gives her an advantage in show

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Love Island star Tasha Ghouri’s dad said her ability to lip-read is a “superpower” in the villa.

Tasha, 23, was born deaf and dad Tarek, 55, believes her brilliant ability to lip read and detect body language in private conversations can greatly help her while on the ITV show.

He told The Sun about his daughter’s cochlear implant: “Her aid is very directional. It’s got a microphone at the front.

"So if people are talking behind at a distance, she probably won’t pick that up. But between that, her lip-reading and body language, she’s very good.”

He explained that this hidden superpower has come in handy in many pub quizzes, as Tasha is able to see what the other teams have answered.

He sweetly added: “By definition a superpower is ‘an exceptional or extraordinary power or ability.'”

Speaking about her ability to lip read, Tarek said it can help her to inspire others to realise their disability or a certain insecurity doesn’t have to hinder their dreams.

He candidly shared about how he was originally worried about his daughter being trolled on social media while on the show but says he’s extremely proud of her and how she is conducting herself.

In the show's opening episode Tasha was open about being deaf with her fellow islanders and pulled them all to the fire pit to inform them.

She was originally partnered with Andrew Le Page, 27, and is currently still in a couple with him.

On Friday's episode (June 10), Tasha got emotional and fought back the tears in a candid chat.

Tasha told Andrew: “Everyone here, in this villa knows I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do put love out there. In past relationships I’ve done that and I’ve gotten crushed.”

Andrew then gently reassures Tasha, holding her hand and saying: “You don’t have to get upset.”

As the pair share a cuddle, Tasha opens up further and lays her cards on the table, admitting: “With you, I feel like we do have more of an emotional connection and more of something there.

"I think I was just scared to put myself in that vulnerable position again."

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